Paradise Silver mine

Overview of the Paradise Mine

The Paradise Mine is a famous past silver producer located in the Rocky Mountains near Invermere, BC Canada. Historical production of silver, lead and zinc. The tonnage of ore remaining at the mine is unknown and no representations are made, as to the amount of ore remaining. Establishment of mineral resources will require exploration work.

Mining rights are held as Crown Granted Mineral Claims. Ownership of these claims conveys the right to occupy the surface, subject to provincial approval,   to prospect and carry out other mineral exploration and development. Exploration work that involves disturbance of the ground by mechanical means requires a permit. Construction of permanent buildings would only be allowed if a mining permit was applied for and issued following the discovery of a commercial ore body. The Crown Grants are an old and special type of mineral tenure that is  superior to the title that is obtained today by staking. Note: This property is sometimes referred to as the “Parridice” mine.

This is an ideal property for outdoors enthusiasts looking for  a quiet place of their own to prospect and enjoy in a western Canadian Rocky Mountain wilderness. The terrain can be accessed by pickup truck or SUV and traversed on foot, mountain bike, ATV, or in winter by snowmobile and skis. Whether the objective is prospecting, exploring, or developing a mining operation, the property has the peripheral benefits of enjoying the flora, fauna and scenery of this stunning alpine location.

As a result of surging precious metals prices over the past few years, many of the best precious metal properties have been taken up. It is not surprising that the area around these parcels has been staked.  Our company, Nubia Explorations Ltd , acquired this mine some time ago. This large mine holding can now therefore be offered for Joint Venture our out right purchase 604-628-7065


Staked in 1895, the historic Paradise silver mine is located in a spectacular mountain basin over looked by imposing peaks and rock ramparts. (The name of the principal claim is “Parridice”, which is perhaps a spelling error on the part of the staking prospector, but the mine is more commonly known as “Paradise”.) Rich in history, the mine was developed by Robert Bruce, namesake of one of the prominent mountains seen from the property.



The mine lies 134 km (84 miles) from Banff National park, in BC’s Rocky mountains. Click the following link for a regional map and for a an access map Regional Map. Travel time from Calgary is 2 hours. Across the Toby Creek valley from the Paradise is the prestigious Panorama ski resort which is accessed by paved road from Invermere, BC. The web site provides photos of the area, access maps, travel times, etc.

The route from the valley bottom to the Paradise is unpaved, following the original mine access road up Springer Creek. With every switch back on the road the scenery becomes more spectacular. Just before reaching the mine the road passes by a wonderful sub-alpine waterfall surrounded by a stately forest.  Closer to the lots the towering rock palisade on the south side of the Springs Creek valley come into view.